About the fund Investment committee

Taking into consideration current global economic conditions and specifically in the countries of the CIS, Standard Capital Group has created a special situation fund, which focuses on investing in distressed assets — SC Value Recovery I.

The Fund has a multi-industry and multi-national focus by investing on private companies, which are in unstable financial condition or are in bankruptcy proceedings. 

Considering the strong reputation and extensive experience of SCGI and its partners, as well as our excellent relations in the banking community of the many countries of the CIS, we see tremendous opportunities for investments in distressed assets. 

The strategy of our Fund is to create and develop an optimal portfolio of distressed assets:

  • Searching for companies with certain financial and legal challenges that can be immediately acquired for a minimal price;
  • Development and implementation of necessary restructuring plans to increase the market value of the  fund’s assets. 

Our unique experience and deep knowledge of different industries gives us an opportunity to create a diversified portfolio of projects with high potential for our investors. 

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