1. We put our client’s interests above all, including our own.
  2. We are convinced, that honesty and frankness are the heart of our business.
  3. We are trying to solve the task in a creative way, and in spite of knowing, that “old method is a proven method”, we always look for new ways of solving the task.
  4. We prefer team work. Individual work is always encouraged, but we think, that team work has always gives the best results. 
  5. We always consider information provided to us by our clients, confidential. We protect the trade secrets of every project we are involved in. 
  6. We consider competitive environment of our in our business, and though the number of our clients is actively expending, we respect our competitors and do not discredit their reputation.
  7. We have understanding that if our clients change their decisions, we can suggest the right choice. 
  8. Our assets are our people, capital and reputation. If any of these are diminished, the last is the most difficult to restore. We are dedicated to complying fully with the letter and spirit of the laws, rules and ethical principles that govern us. Our continued success depends on unswerving adherence to this standard.
  9. We constantly strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our clients and to develop new services to meet those needs. We know that the world of finance will not stand still and that complacency can lead to extinction.